“My three-month internship with Langcliffe was brilliant! I worked closely with all the teams in the business and gained great exposure to M&A, deals and private equity, in which I looked for new opportunities including PE firms in India. I would highly recommend to anyone looking to work with or in the firm!”
Archie, Intern, 2023

“My time as an intern at Langcliffe was hugely rewarding. Being involved in the M&A process, and seeing successful deals unfold, provided me with great industry knowledge. Working with both UK and European Private Equity firms was also very insightful. The training I received at Langcliffe was great and helped develop both my financial knowledge and networking skills. The team are all fantastic and create a great, welcoming work environment. I would highly urge anyone looking to gain exposure to the world of M&A to get in touch with Langcliffe International”
Jonas, Intern, 2021