Building strong, trusted and mutually beneficial relationships with vendor advisors is critical. We only deal with vendor advisors, not the owners, so there is no conflict of interest.
We never take a sell-side fee.

We assist you in identifying buyers for your disposal mandates. We supplement your own research by accessing our unique and extensive database of buyers. We will often be able to add value to your research by supplying additional information on buyers you identify and providing up to date contacts for them through our relationships.

Additionally, our unrivalled access to international private equity firms and family offices means we are uniquely placed to advise on the most appropriate investors for your equity fund raising mandates.

We will never share any information with a third party without your consent and we provide the service completely free of charge.

EMC Corporate Finance is a market leading M&A boutique specialising in owner-managed businesses. We enjoy a strong relationship with the Langcliffe team. They will often introduce potential buyers into the process which has led to a number of successful completions.

Michael Gibbs, EMC Corporate Finance, leading boutique provider in the £5m to £100m market.

How it works

We understand and appreciate how you operate, therefore we have a straightforward approach that plugs into your processes, ensuring that you remain in control, adding value rather than complexity:

  • You share a new mandate with us.
  • We review our database and provide you with a shortlist of relevant potential buyers.
  • We only approach the companies that you (and your client) have approved with your headline information.
  • We arrange for an NDA to be signed and the provision of an IM.
  • If requested we will facilitate the arrangement of a meeting.
  • The relationship is then with you to progress the possible transaction.

Access Our Data

To assist in identifying relevant buyers for your sell-side opportunities, we have developed a search facility, Langcliffe Community. The relationship you have with Langcliffe will determine the level of access that is available to you.

Click the link below to understand the number of buyers we can potentially introduce you to.

To access further details, including the anonymous outline of a buyer and their criteria, you will need a username and password to login via the link below. To request your login, please contact us at Our most significant partners also have access to the identity of our buyers. Please enquire how to achieve those privileges.

Key contacts

Holly Cooper

Senior Commercial Manager

Tel: +44 (0)7701 325809

Email Business card

Holly has been part of the Langcliffe team for over six years, joining after graduating from Loughborough University with a degree in English and Drama. Originally joining the buyside team, she moved to the commercial side of the business. She now collaborates with a range of advisors, on a daily basis, spearheading the Langcliffe service, ensuring the process works for both the advisory community and the internal team. She continually communicates with both parties, striving to provide a smooth and clear experience for these key partners. Holly also participated in the creation of our Search Portal and generally manages activity throughout our system platform.

Hannah Gale-Johnson

Senior Commercial Executive

Tel: +44 (0)7701 325387

Email Business card

Hannah joined Langcliffe in February 2020 with administration management experience.  She has a BA (Hons) from the University of Liverpool in Politics. Hannah manages the influx and input of new mandates to our system. She coordinates the weekly individual and multi-buyer acquisition searches, which are shared with our advisor network. Hannah undertakes the upkeep of our website and social media presence. She also ensures our sell-side data is current.

James Nixon

Senior Commercial Executive

Tel: +44 (0)7516 029082

Email Business card

James graduated from Sheffield Hallam in 2017 with a degree in Business & Enterprise Management. He joined the Langcliffe team in December 2020, after living in New Zealand for a couple of years. James works in the commercial team, looking after and monitoring advisor relationships. He enjoys reaching out to and meeting advisors face to face, establishing new and maintaining existing relationships. James sustains our advisor contact information, ensuring the data is current and they are the recipients of our most important communications. He also helps his team with the processing of new mandates. By monitoring advisor activity and liaising with the wider team, he helps create action points to improve the Langcliffe service and hopefully increase the volume of mandates we see.

Liz Burrows

Research Manager

Tel: +44 (0)7752 446508

Email Business card

Liz graduated from The University of Leeds with a BSc in Geography. After graduating she worked as a Corporate Stockbroker focusing on the small mid-cap market, working initially as an Equity Analyst and then within the sales team. In this role, she gained experience of a wide range of sectors across the market, from Retail, Media and Support Services to Engineering and Biotech. In recent years, Liz has worked at a leading Anti-Money Laundering SAAS provider, as a Business Analyst, championing the user experience within the product team.
Liz joined us in September 2023 as the Research Manager, working alongside the team to identify the most appropriate buyers for the disposal mandates we receive. Vendor advisor liaison is a key aspect of Liz’s role, enabling us to gain a greater understanding of which buyers are sought.

“I want to again thank the Langcliffe team for its outstanding effort to deliver potential buyers to our sell-side project.
This only incentivizes us to get more opportunities in front of your team and continue this partnership!”

US Boutique Advisory Firm